Ltd Detali-Uzly-Mekhanizmy is a Russian producer of tools for KIEFEL (KMD 64B/ BFS, KMD 78B/ D/ BFS und KMD 85B/ BFS thermoformers). The company produces molds for GGN2220, GN3021, GN3630, GN1914, GN580, GN760, GN800, molding machines and dies for GABLER (Varius), ILLIG, INPAK thermoformers, etc.

Since 2020 Ltd Detali-Uzly-Mekhanizmy has been the official distributor of Hytac® on the territory of the Russian Federation - Innovative Tooling Materials for Thermoforming.

Molds are made for production of packaging and disposable cutlery of the following polymers: PET (Polyethylene terephthalates), РР (polypropylene), PS (BOPS polystyrol / oriented polystyrene), and PVC (polyvinyl chlorides).

  • 370
    produced molds – proved quality in design and production of the most complex workpieces.

  • 800 000
    workpieces a day – maximum run time with LLC DUM produced tools.
  • 600 sq.m.

    the area of the complete production cycle with a separate storage of additional storage.


The tool workshop of the company is equipped with LEADWELL 3D CNC milling centers, general-purpose turning, sanding and drilling machines and other equipment.

Molds, parts and stamps from „DUM Ltd“ are quality tools for the production of a wide range of products: packaging for cakes; Packing for salads with a separate cover; Packing for salads with a combined lid; Packing for confectionery; Packing for sushi and fast food; Gastronorm capacity; Lunch boxes; Corrections; Containers for sealing; Substrates, lodges, trays; Disposable tableware, etc.

The well-established conditions for the supply of materials and components, as well as the optimal stock of inventories, make it possible to provide the shortest possible production time for the production of tooling.

During design of thermal and air-assisted vacuum machinery tooling, the Company designers provide for reduced parasitic capacity in order to cut down air and vacuum consumption, which results in high mold capacity.
Depending on a polymer used by the client, various cooling approaches for molding elements of tools are applied during the process of thermoforming to enhance capacity and save production costs of packaging and disposable cutlery.

The company specialists have accumulated a lot of experience in selecting materials for pre-stretching punches, which allows to achieve the best optical properties of transparent packaging, to correctly reduce the weight of the product and, accordingly, its cost price.

For thermoformers with separate cutting, the production of cutting knots of tooling with floating knives has been mastered, which allows reducing the time for setting up the mold during the transition from one type of product to another.

The company produces die cutters with cutting edge configuration of any complexity while sticking to technological limits placed by a knife line manufacturer.

    • Design office and professional team provide timely analysis of the order and its final implementation
    • Wide range of services: from repair and upgrade of existing molds with production of particular parts of tooling to design and production of turn-key molds
    • Price / quality / design potential balance
    • Package conceptual design and 3D model development
    • Mold sample production
    • Production of tooling in line with the client’s specification
    • Mold warranty and post-warranty maintenance  
    • Mold repairs and upgrading
    • Production of parts based on client’s drawings
    • Advising on selection of optimal thermoforming equipment and/or manufacturers 
    • Design and production of seal frames for seal containers
    • Packaging and delivery of products
    • Execution of the conditions of the order, execution of agreement
    • Package conceptual design and 3D model
    • Signing of the package conceptual design by the client
    • Tooling design and production
    • Client’s line tooling tests
    • Packaging and delivery



143022, Moscow Region, Odintsovo District, Zvenigorodskoye highway,

property 3, bld.25-26

Telephone: +7 (499) 394 05 07, +7 (926) 147 12 28

Email: info@dum-tools.ru, hytac@dum-tools.ru

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